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Dr A R

Senior Registrar - Surgery

"I'm a senior registrar with full MRCS and GMC registration. My interests lie in paediatric orthopaedics and fracture management. I am looking to pursue them in the UK."


Dr Z M

Consultant - Radiology

"I'm a general radiologist with FRCR and a masters in Diagnostic Radiology.I'm looking for my first role in the NHS, with a view to completing my CESR"


Dr A P

Consultant - Medicine

"I'm a fully-GMC registered Lisbon-based doctor in Internal Medicine with a special interest in acute medicine. I'm looking for NHS consultant roles in Scotland"


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Hi, I'm Abrar. I started Messly in 2016, with the goal of supporting doctors to have more fulfilling careers.

We've seen how difficult is it for doctors to find locum work. Banks can be difficult to join, and the agency world is scary and hard to work out. At a time when more doctors are looking to explore portfolio careers, or top up their income with locum work, we wanted to help.

This service is built with doctors at the centre, putting you in control and helping to get great work, on your terms without any hassle.

Dr Abrar Gundroo
Anaesthetics Registrar
Founder of Messly